The Benefits of Buying an Electric Vehicle

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Many people are quick to point out the advantage that electric vehicles have over traditional gas-powered cars at the pump. However, the benefits of an electric vehicle go far beyond the savings.


Learn about five additional benefits of buying an electric vehicle (EV) below, and then find yours at Prestige Porsche. 


1. Electric vehicles are better for the environment.

Fully electric vehicles use neither an exhaust system nor a traditional combustion engine, and therefore produce zero emissions. The result is fewer greenhouse gases and, consequently, cleaner air for everyone.


2. Maintenance is reduced.

Electric vehicles require fewer parts and no oil, which means less time spent at a service center and more time behind the wheel. What’s more, the regenerative braking frequently used in electric vehicles means significantly less frequent brake replacements.


3. They are quieter than gas-powered vehicles.

Electric vehicles are extremely quiet and offer a more peaceful cabin experience than a vehicle with a gas engine. In particular, the Porsche Taycan is so quiet that drivers have the option of utilizing artificial sound in the form of the Porsche Electric Sport Sound system.


4. Certain highways have special lanes for electric vehicles. 

HOV lanes are not limited to just high-occupancy vehicles. Many states allow electric vehicles to use these lanes even with only a driver on board. Your electric vehicle can put rush hour traffic in the rearview mirror. 


5. Performance is not sacrificed. 

A common misconception about electric vehicles is that they don’t perform like a traditional gas-powered car. That once may have been true, but electric vehicles have come a long way in a short time. The Taycan Turbo S can launch itself from 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds at up to 750 horsepower, making it among the fastest-launching roadgoing Porsche vehicles yet manufactured.


Find Your EV at Prestige Porsche 

All the benefits of an electric vehicle await at Prestige Porsche. Here you’ll find the finest selection of electric cars in Denver, CO, all with the performance, luxury, and style that’s to be expected of a Porsche. 

Test drive yours today and meet with our finance team to see how easy it is for you to reap the benefits of an electric car.

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