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Krautrock Meets Porsche: A pairing of German cultural touchstones

Prestige Imports and Oktoberfest: An Annual Tradition On 08 October 2016, Prestige Imports held its annual Oktoberfest celebration. The center’s twenty-sixth iteration of the event highlights the German heritage of both the Porsche and Audi brands through traditional song, dance, food, and drink. In honor of Prestige Imports’ successful, 2016 Oktoberfest, I thought it would be…

Porsche 356

Petrolicious, the Porsche 356, and Personal Narratives

Petrolicious: A Cornucopia of Classic Car Videos Even a cursory search through the annals of YouTube will reveal a treasure trove (or, for the more pessimistically-minded metaphor lovers, a cesspool) of car videos. One of my favorite channels in this vast storehouse of vehicle streams, though, is Pertrolicious. At their official website, the Pertrolicious team (which is Afshin and…

Porsche 912

Porsche 912: Of the Self and the Universe

Petrolicious Won’t Stop Making Amazing Porsche Videos I’ve written about my love for the videos created and hosted by Petrolicious in a previous post. In that article, I mentioned that what I found “most compelling” in these features were the “personal stories of the owners” and, likewise, how the vehicles “function as emblems for individual drivers’ desires, identities, obsessions,…

Porsche and Art

Porsche and Art: It must be unique; yet universal

Porsche and Art: The Marketing of a Masterpiece Art. It is both an act(ion) and an end-product. It is a tangible, aesthetic engagement and an ineffable, abstract concept. These multifarious and oftentimes contradictory descriptions of art are exactly what makes it so compelling: the lack of a singular definition or rigid parameters force us to…

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